A Salvaged Winter

With California receiving a record low snow fall in 2014-2015, a strong mix of persistence and optimism was required in order to salvage an enjoyable ski season. Since both Beth and I are nearing the end of our PhD’s and done with coursework, we decided to both get shares in a cabin in Tahoe with 10 other good friends. Being able to work in the morning and ski in the afternoon brought me as close to being a ski bum as I ever have been. The cabin was the primary, if not the sole, reason for having such a great season in spite of snow conditions.


Beth cheerfully takes in the rare sight of powder at Northstar

I tend not to bring my camera while snowboarding so I have few images from the season. Perhaps it’s due to the non-stop nature of our days on the mountain; perhaps it’s fear of falling – something I do quite frequently – and damaging my camera; however I think that it is most likely that I don’t bring my camera because I don’t have any creative ideas on how to shoot on the slopes. Skiing/riding at resorts is a very common activity. A decent portion of the population has experienced a day at a resort. They know how it looks, feels, smells, sounds, etc. on the slopes so it would be difficult for me to take a picture that presents a novel aspect of a day riding.

In the future, however, I think I’ll try to bring my camera more. It was a fun challenge to shoot something new and post on something other than kayaking (although those are still my favorite posts).


The best camera is the one you have with you. Pulled out my iPhone to try to capture the stunning views of Lake Tahoe from Heavenly after a snow.

Tired of the poor conditions in California, looking for an excuse to visit home, and wanting to make full use of the multi-state season pass we bought, we flew to Colorado in mid-March. We missed any powder days but the warm, nearly cloudless weather made for excellent spring conditions.


The Rockies stretch out in front of Beaver Creek


Beth at the top of a incredibly fast, steep groomer backdropped by the drying conditions at the base of Beaver Creek


Night skiing: the dichotomy of serenity and excitement. Looking to make the most of our time in Colorado, we make our way to Keystone for a few laps after dark.