Camp 9 Interrupted

During the summer of 2015 the California drought was in full swing. The one, marginal, highlight to this was that several sections of river that have been long covered by reservoirs have reappeared. One of those sections is the Camp 9 run on the Stanislaus River. Greg Lee, Olivia Linney, Josh Egbert and I attempted a run that had to be aborted due to low water and failing light. For anyone reading this, I thought I would give a few tips:

  • There seemed to be a daily release that occurred around 4pm. We assumed this was power-generation as people started to get home from work. On the day we went, the release didn’t come until around 6pm.
  • The stretch is 9 miles, so since you are starting in the afternoon/evening, you need to keep paddling to make it out.
  • The last 1-2 miles above the take-out at Parrot’s Ferry is silted in so it’s possible to get stuck. Be careful and try to find the main channel.
  • More info

Skeletal remains of trees long-submerged by the New Melones Reservoir


Greg Lee stands on Parrot’s Ferry Bridge that normally sits ~100 feet under the New Melones Reservoir


Josh Egbert surfs a micro feature